Janice Harper
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Rezola Growth After this, the hair should be combed and checked to see if everything turned out as planned and wanted. If there are any roughnesses, they need to be corrected. After that, you can proceed to cutting the side zones and the crown. Using a suitable nozzle, it is necessary to hold the machine from the forehead to the crown. This must be done against hair growth. Then you also need to check the accuracy of the haircut and level it. To give the hairstyle completeness, you should set the height lever on the machine to the position that is intended for the shortest haircut . Then you need to go over the entire surface of the head, barely touching the hair. The device must be held perpendicular to the head. Thus, the edges of the haircut will be processed. If a man wears whiskers, with the help of a machine they can be given the desired shape and a little cut . To trim the hair growing around the ears, you need to remove the nozzle and carefully walk the machine along the contour of the ear, after combing the hair. Gum stuck in hair can ruin not only mood, but also hair style. If you find chewing gum in your hair, do not immediately panic and clutch at the scissors, intending to grab a tuft of hair in which chewing gum is stuck. With the help of simple manipulations, you can easily remove the chewing gum without damaging a single hair. The whole procedure will take you no more than 10 minutes and will not require the use of any caustic solvents - ordinary water is enough to remove stuck gum in some cases. In order to remove the chewing gum that has stuck to the ends of the hair or at a distance from their roots, place a lock of hair in which a chewing gum is stuck under a stream of cold water. After the gum hardens and loses elasticity, try using your fingers to break it into pieces. Do not be discouraged if you manage to make just one or two breaks, as this is enough to start the procedure for removing the adhered gum. Then turn on the hot water and keep the affected part of the hair under it. 


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